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Rush Process

Why go Greek?
Greek life is an amazing opportunity for someone who is looking to be a part of a smaller community inside the huge community of the university. Not only are you a part of your organization, but you are part of the Greeks, who support each other and have events together. 

All Greeks have one goal in mind: philanthropy (definition taken from Google: "the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.") Every organization has a charity they will raise funds for, and ours is Harmony House. In addition to this, twice a year, all Greeks come together in the major Greek events: Greek Olympics in the fall, and Derby Days in the winter. During these events, all Greeks will raise money to go towards CHEO and other charities. 

Being Greek not only has countless advantages in getting involved in your community and your campus, but it also puts you in a position of leadership and give you the chance to build your communication and organizational skills. In other words, it looks incredibly good on a resume and proves to employers that you are a team player and a natural-born leader. 

Why OPS?
Omega Phi Sigma was founded on November 18th 2010, and our active chapter is just over 20 girls, which means you get the chance to know everyone and make close connections. You even have the chance to meet older sisters and founding mothers, an opportunity that bigger organizations do not get.

We are one of the few local sororities in Ottawa - this means that we accept people who identify as women from the three big post-secondary institutions: uOttawa, Carleton, and Algonquin College. This gives you the chance to meet people you definitely wouldn't meet otherwise! It also gives you an excuse to explore other campuses. We are also the only green and bilingual sorority in Ottawa!

Finally, probably the biggest difference is dues. Dues is an amount all sisters and pledges must pay to be considered active and attend events. Our fees are much lower than big organizations, and we are very transparent about where your money goes. Things like initiation sweaters, rush shirts, and most activities will be payed for by these dues; so instead of paying little amounts throughout the year, you just pay a bigger amount at the beginning of the semester.

How do I become a sister?
There are several steps to becoming a sister that span over two months.
Omega Phi Sigma welcomes new members into its sisterhood twice yearly. The recruitment period (rush) occurs for two to three weeks at the beginning of the Fall and Winter academic semesters. All organizations roughly have the same formula, some being more intensive than others. It is important to note that most organizations also recruit twice a year, once in the fall, and once in the winter. The formula is:

Rush → Bid → Pinning → Pledge → Test → Initiation

Rush is a two-week period where we have events open to the public in hopes of getting new recruits that will go on to be active members of the sorority. This is a time for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know sisters and more about the organization. It's a great time to see if Greek life is for you, and to find out which organization is the right fit. At the end of this period, you will (or won't!) receive a bid, which is a formal invitation to become a new member. The first ceremony is pinning, which starts your journey of training to become a sister, which is called the pledge period. You can only accept one bid, and cannot pledge more than one organization at a time. During the pledge period, you are taught the secrets and the history of the organization, and are given all the tools necessary to succeed as a sister. At the end of this six-week period, you will take a test. Should your pledge period is successful and you pass the test, you will be initiated as an official sister.

To see our recruitment calendar and for more information follow our rush group on facebook: